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USA Driving School Driving Lessons CA Selecting a Driving School is important when you consider your son or daughter will spend at least 6 hours behind the wheel, forming the driving habits they will continue for the rest of their life. With, you can rest assured you're getting the BEST driving lessons available because we've teamed up with a CA DMV Licensed Driving School with a reputation for being the premiere in-car training provider for Southern California. Get the most qualified, friendly instructors using new, safely equipped hybrid training vehicles to teach an advanced curriculum to teach today's teens both basic and cutting-edge driving skills.

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CA Driving School Benefits of Our Behind the Wheel Lessons 

  • Learn how to navigate parking lots safely and park successfully between other vehicles

  • Basic Driving Package includes an "introduction to the Freeway" which entails merging onto the freeway, driving on the freeway, discussing freeway basics, and exiting freeway

  • Learn it all: Rules of the road, street sign meanings, right-of-way procedures, and how to handle obstacles

  • Take an additional Canyon Intensive Lesson: includes navigating California's dangerous canyons, emergency avoidance techniques, and defensive driving methodologies implemented

    Why we've got the Best Driving Lessons in CA 

    USA Driving School Driving School | CA

  • Teens get more for their training dollar with focus on Defensive Driving (emphasized via the IPDE Training Methodology)

  • All applicable driver training packages come with DMV completion certificates with free delivery (and rush delivery available for an additional charge)

  • Get access to online resources to further develop you driving experience: parking simulation game, drunk driving resources, and drivers ed videos

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  • Three Things You Might Want to Know About Driving Lessons
  • Will you take my teenager on the freeway during a driving lesson?
  • Is your driving school large enough to handle specific schedule requests?
  • Do you teach canyon driving and defensive driving techniques?

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